Gaby's Island is a teen sitcom television series about a teenage psychic, Gaby Reyes, and the adventures she and friends Naomi, Wesley, and Henry face. In later years, as the main characters graduated high school and moved on to college, the series focused on their university and career paths as well as focusing on more adult issues.


Gaby Reyes is a sophomore in high school (at the time of the series premiere) who also just happens to be a psychic. Gaby has the ability to see into the future in short, random visions that she, herself, has no control of. Gaby cannot force these visions to happen, as they are presented at various times. Gaby's family and best friend Naomi know of her abilities, though she has trouble keeping it a secret at school, especially from friends Wesley, who she has a crush on, and Henry. Each episode follows Gaby as she gets a vision and tries to either prevent it from happening, or, in some cases, make it happen. As the series progressed, Gaby and Wesley began a relationshipw with one another, forcing her to come out and reveal her secret to him and Henry, who began dating Naomi. After graduating high school, Gaby and friends went off to college, however Gaby eventually dropped out, stating that college wasn't for her. Naomi and Henry continued university while Wesley never went to college to begin with. Gaby then adopted Minnie, an orphan with whom she had become extremely close with. As Gaby and Wesley and Naomi and Henry moved forward in their relationships, Gaby and Wesley moved in together and everyone moved forward with their own career oppertunities. Gaby joined the FBI to aid them during missions by offering her psychic abilities, Naomi tried and failed at a music career, however then settled as a music mentor and eventual music teacher at the high school, Wesley struggled from job to job, and Henry became a public defender. Eventually, Gaby and Wesley parted ways, stating that they had just grown apart, and Wesley was written out of the series. As Gaby entered the dating world once again, plots were written to focus on Minnie's antics as well. After discovering they were purposely delaying unsolved cases, Gaby quit her job with the FBI and opened her own psychic reading stand. It was here that Gaby was approached by another pyschic, saying that an anti-psychic group known as VLabs were hunting down psychics and murdering them. After failing to match the power of VLabs, Gaby went into hiding with other psychics underground to protect herself.

List of EpisodesEdit

List of episodes


Homecoming (Season 1, Episodes 59 and 60) - It's homecoming and Gaby and Naomi go crazy over what to wear. Gaby and Wesley officially become a couple and although she wants to tell him that she is a psychic, she can't.
Overdose (Season 2, Episodes 55 and 54) - A drug bust at school causes Gaby to help those addicted get the treatment they need... until her search lands her in Naomi's lap.
A Night To Remember (Season 3, Episodes 56 and 57) - On the night of prom Naomi is offered her first singing gig, but she must choose between the night she will never forget and a showcase that could make her career. Naomi ends up singing at the prom.
Grand Theft Visions (Season 4, Episodes 11 and 12) - Gaby discovers that a secret society known as L.O.T.U.S. has created a machine that will steal her abilities to see the future for themselves.
Bright Eyes (Season 5, Episodes 1 and 2) - Gaby must clear the name of a woman, Annabelle, who possesses both the curse to kill and the gift to heal.
Pandora's Box (Season 5, Episodes 17 and 18) - After finding a mysterious box in her room, Minnie discovers she is the guardian of Pandora's box.
Justified (Season 5, Episodes 31 and 32) - Gaby protects a man, Robby, who is put on trial for murder after she has a vision that he is innocent.
Psychadelic Suspicions (Season 5, Episodes 64 and 65) - Gaby is forced into hiding underground with other psychics after an anti-psychic group known as VLabs threatens to kill them all.


In the first season, Gaby and friends were sophomores in high school. The series primarily focused on comedic children situations such as getting a job, rivalries, and conflicts between friends. At this point the series was completely comic driven. Gaby tried keeping her psychic secret from those outside of her family (though Naomi knew of her psychic abilities from the beginning. At the end of the first season, Gaby and Wesley finally pronounced their feelings for each other and became a couple along with Naomi and Henry (who were set up by Gaby), and Gaby told Wesley that she was a psychic.

Changing FormatsEdit

During the second season, the series continued to focus on comedic situations, but as Gaby and friends were now juniours in high school, also tried its way with more controversial topics. In a special episode, a drug breakout hit the school and Gaby tried to help those addicted only to discover Naomi was one who had become under the influence. Naomi was checked into rehab and Gaby visited her periodically until she was released. At the end of the second season Gaby had to choose between Wesley and another boy, Thomas, who she had grown fond of, and ended up choosing no one. During the the third season, Gaby and friends were seniors in high school. Gaby helped an alzheimers patient who was recovering at a retirement home. Gaby and friends graduated high school and went off to college (with the exception of Wesley, who wanted to focus on basketball). Gaby ended up leaving college and returning home, only to restart her relationship with Wesley and adopt an orphan named Minnie. In the fourth season, entitled Gaby's Island Presents: The Island the series shifted focus to become a soap opera. Gaby started working for the FBI and lent her psychic abilities to solving crimes. In the fourth season finale, Gaby and Wesley decided they were not meant to be together at this point in their lives and parted ways once and for all.

Back to the BasicsEdit

The series returned to its comedic roots in the fifth season, while still maintaining a somewhat dramatic plotline. The fifth season introduced Gaby to a new love interest, Will, who was a firefighter. Will quit the force when he was unable to save a little girl in a house fire, and proposed to Gaby, though she rejected and the couple parted ways shortly after. Naomi started working as an assistant music instructor at the high school while Henry began working as a defense attorney. It was revealed that Wesley is still seeing Abby, the woman he left Gaby for. At the end of the fifth season, Gaby went into hiding underground with other psychics who were trying to protect themselves from an anti-psychic group known as VLabs.

List of IssuesEdit

Gaby's Island touched on a number of controversial issues

  • Drug addiction
  • Losing One's Virginity
  • Abstinence
  • Cheating
  • Affairs
  • Breakups
  • Adoption
  • Alzheimers


After 5 seasons, MyTV Studios sat down to discuss a possibility of a 6th season picking up where the season 5 finale (Psychadelic Suspicions: Parts 1 and 2) left off. This proposed season was titled Gaby's Island Presents: Mind Games and instead of being a regular production season of 65 episodes, would follow in the footsteps of Gaby's Island Presents: The Island by being a 24 episode, 6 week production. However, the main cast's contracts had all expired by this point. All the cast were able to sign back on for the 6th season and possible feature film, however Gabriella Reyes was not pleased. In order to return, Gabriella wanted a paycheck of $250,000 per episode (she was making $100,000 an episode for seasons 4 and 5). Execs declined the pay raise, and Gabriella walked away from the series.

Producers are considering many options to continue the Gaby's Island franchise.

  • A special entitled Minnie's Marvelous Misadventures that will focus on Minnie as she prepares for high school
  • A 6th season of the series where another actress will replace Gabriella Reyes as the role of Gaby
  • An original movie, Gaby's Island: The Movie" has been announces and will be shot entirely in 3D

Minnie's Marvelous Misadventures has been confirmed and will star Minnie as she prepares for high school. The special will not inlude Gaby or any of the original cast, but will instead focus only on Minnie and her new high school friends. A love triangle has been confirmed to the an apect of the plot, as Minnie must choose between Zeke and Tiger. Minnie's Marvelous Misadventures will air on MyTV's sister network, TOUCH, which is aimed more towards a younger audience.

TOUCH has announced that a possibility of a Minnie spinoff series if the special performs well.